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A modern enterprise integrating design, R & D and manufacturing

Jiangmen fengheng Motor Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and manufacturing. With more than ten years' experience in development, design and manufacturing, the company focuses on the production of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors. Through strengthening technological transformation, expanding scientific and technological management team, improving production process and strengthening production and operation management, the company has expanded rapidly and gained more strength abundant.

The company's main products are: Ye2 series, ye3 series, high-efficiency motor, YVF frequency conversion three-phase asynchronous motor, oil pump series special motor, air conditioning and ventilation equipment special motor and derivative series motor products; the company's products have passed 3C quality certification and CE certification, and the products are mainly used in industrial, mining, processing and manufacturing and other enterprise products. Advanced production equipment, perfect testing instruments and quality monitoring means, excellent after-sales service is the guarantee of providing high-quality products for customers at home and abroad. The company adheres to the management innovation, continuously deepens the internal management of the enterprise, adheres to the tenet of "quality assurance, good reputation and considerate service", carries forward the spirit of striving hard, pioneering and enterprising, and wholeheartedly provides products and satisfactory services for the majority of users in various industries at home and abroad.

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  • 2020-07-06

    Jiangmen decelerating motor: why does the motor move its shaft when it is used?

    There is a special phenomenon of rotor shaft shifting in the process of motor use. Motor rotor out of the stator core, the occurrence of axial displacement, known as the rotor shaft. Under normal conditions, both ends of the stator core and rotor core are aligned, or the rotor is slightly shorter than the stator core. When the rotor core moves out of the stator core for 5 mm or more, the three-phase no-load current of the motor will increase significantly. After loading, the stator current will exceed the rated current value, which will overheat the motor. Together, there will be an uneven but regular buzz. If the motor rotor serious shaft shifting, the motor can not drive the load operation. What is the meaning of motor shaft shifting?   

  • 2020-07-06

    Jiangmen reducer: what kind of problems will happen if the motor wiring is wrong?

    Asynchronous motor is the most widely used motor at present. The wiring method of its motor winding is divided into star connection y and triangle connection Δ. The following Jiangmen speed reduction motor will introduce the result of wrong wiring. For a motor with star shaped stator winding, the voltage accepted by each phase winding, i.e. phase voltage, is 1 / 3 times (0.58 times) of the additional voltage (power line voltage) of the motor. In case of wrong connection and triangle operation, the phase voltage will increase to 1.73 times of the manufacturer's regulation. For example, if the power supply voltage is 380 V, the star operation, the phase voltage is 220 V, and the phase voltage is increased to

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